Hear from our RestoreHealth members!

Our people first approach is changing lives, one choice at a time.

Lisa - 37 Years Old image
Lisa - 37 Years Old
I felt like I was watching the world move by around me. I now think I can do anything and recently completed my first mini-triathlon.
Mark - 50 Years Old image
Mark - 50 Years Old
Doing this together is key and has helped all of us. Our family is worth it!
I’ve lost 34 lbs and know these habits are sustainable. Other moms now follow my lead and make healthier changes because they feel inspired by what I’ve accomplished.
Dawn - 40 Years Old
Jason - 47 Years Old
"I’ve lost 28 lbs and counting! Sending picture meal logs to my coach takes the guesswork out of eating healthy."
Mike - 40 Years Old
“I’ve found self-confidence and my know worth. Restore is a lifestyle program rather than a nutrition plan.”
Robin - 58 Years Old
“Restore made me believe that I could do it, and it guided me to get there. I’ve lost 47 lbs - the weight loss made all my knee pain go away.”
John - 57 Years Old image
John - 57 Years Old
I’ve lost 60 lbs and I don’t plan on stopping. The best lesson I learned is that everything I’m doing is sustainable.”
Kent - 56 Years Old image
Kent - 56 Years Old
My doctor is impressed with my progress. I’ve improved my sleep, lowered my blood pressure level, and regained the ability to hike again!