Preventative care
that never shuts down

Employee Assistance Programs are reactive and limited. The Restore Product Suite is an always-on telehealth suite of products that allows employers to get ahead of employee health and wellness issues. Coach-led. Community-enabled. Stigma-free care.

Learning from COVID: Building a pandemic proof solution

When the world shut down in March 2020, the industries that provide in-person services also closed their doors. Carefully crafted Employee Assistance Programs were rendered useless, at a time when they were needed the most. Brokers were challenged to deliver health and wellness services to their customers because providers were shutdown or overwhelmed and unable to take on new customers. Trust and long-standing relationships between brokers and clients began to strain under the weight of the pandemic.

The scramble to digital health

Brokers who did not have health app or wellness app services built into their EAPs, were the first to adopt the Restore Product Suite.

Brokers who did not have health app or wellness app services built into their EAPs, were the first to adopt the Restore Product Suite.


Given the pandemic, wellness and our RestoreResilience product has become our leading solution. Built on the 5 Pillars of Resilience: Self-awareness, Self-care, Mindfulness, Relationships and Purpose—RestoreResilience provides a live coach (not an AI bot) and an in-app community that allows for authentic peer connections no matter where members are geographically or in their personal journeys.

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RestoreHealth addresses pre-diabetic conditions through behavior and lifestyle modification. In 2020 alone, employers spent an average of $10,340 per employee in preventative health services and medications. This cost alone is expected to go up by an average 5.3% in 20211. RestoreHealth is doing more than helping employees improve their lives through better nutrition and exercise. This program is directly contributing to real annual savings for both employees and their employers.

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Brokers trade mobile-app complexity for simplicity

There are a lot of health and wellness solutions in the marketing today to choose from. Brokers who have chosen the Restore Product Suite over other telehealth solutions say their customers attribute Restore’s success to a single reason: employees use our programs.

The simplicity of our mobile app and richness of our programs drives daily member engagement. Unlike other platforms that bloat their apps with HR tracking, reporting and other functions, the Restore Product Suite is designed to be member-centric so integration into daily routines become a transparent non-event. RestoreHealth and RestoreResilience—programs that drive engagement and healthy behaviors that create a lifetime of health and wellness.