The Restore Program Suite for health and wellness

Always-on digital health programs for happier and healthier employees.

The Restore Program Suite

Delivered as digital programs, employees access actionable health and wellness solutions that connect them with a live health coach and an online community of peers with science-based curriculums.

Designed to help your employees access better health and prevent and reverse Metabolic Syndrome, RestoreHealth uses live coaching, engaging educational content and tools, and a supportive community of peers to tackle the root cause of issues. We modify behaviors to create life-lasting change and cost savings at scale.

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A coach-centered program with community tools that connect employees with peers and Behavioral and Mental Health content, RestoreResilience builds the mental and physical resilience needed for challenging times. Wellness without stigma.

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RestoreBalance is a digital menopausal support program with live coaching for education, accountability, and habit building. On RestoreBalance, women learn to overcome the transitions surrounding menopause with confidence.

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Customized health programs for true health improvement

Health is not one-size-fits-all. It means something different to everyone. With a personal and customized digital program, companies restoring productivity and reducing healthcare costs by restoring good health and wellness. With The Restore Program Suite, companies make a real difference in the lives of their employees.