Restore Family of Products for Health
and Wellness

Always-on telehealth services for employee's health and wellness.

Restore Family of Products

Delivered as telehealth programs, employees access actionable health and wellness solutions that connect them with a live health coach and an online community of peers.

An all-in-one wellness solution, meet each member on their personal health journey: type II diabetes, menopause, stress reduction, weight loss, etc.

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A mental health and stress management program for employee resilience. Wellness without stigma.

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A digital menopausal support program. Women gain confidence to to overcome this transitional period.

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Employee care programs that never shutdown

During the pandemic, brokers learned that the addition of digital health solutions greatly benefited their customer’s employee assistance programs. Restoring productivity starts by restoring good health and wellness. Brokers and companies choose the Restore Family of Products.