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For weight loss, obesity prevention, diabetes reversal, and overall health improvements.

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Proven to save money and improve employee health

RestoreHealth helped Caterpillar, a Fortune 100 company, save $14 MILLION in one year alone. And that doesn’t even begin to address the long-term health benefits their employees now enjoy.

With a personalized program addressing the root causes of Metabolic Syndrome and chronic disease, RestoreHealth decreased this populations’ instances of Type II diabetes when the industry average increased.

Clients use RestoreHealth to improve their organization’s health and bottom line


Cost savings PMPY

The average healthcare cost savings per member per year is $1,500-$2,700 for those with Metabolic Syndrome.


Reverse 1+ Metabolic Factors

Decreasing the risk for heart disease, cancer, and other costly and concerning diseases


Average Weight Loss

Type II diabetes members on RestoreHealth see on average a 6% weight loss, and keep the weight off even after completing the program.


Reduction in Systolic Blood Pressure

Members reduce their Systolic Blood Pressure by 9% taking them from “Stage 2” to “Elevated”.

A healthier workforce with RestoreHealth

RestoreHealth manages healthcare costs and the side effects of poor health using a digital health program with 1:1 health coaching. The curriculum is built around the 4 pillars of health - sleep, stress management, exercise, and nutrition - and behavioral science to address the root cause of issues.

RestoreHealth is not a one-size-fits-all program. Whether they are trying to defeat chronic conditions, lose weight, increase energy, or just get healthier, this program has a custom solution for every one.

A digital health program paired with live coaching

RestoreHealth is unlike other programs because we approach each member as an individual: pairing them with a dedicated health coach for accountabilty and support and customizing their lessons and content to fit their unique needs. The results: 80% engagement at month 12 and 80% reduction of 1+ metabolic factors.

Our innovative technology anticipates an individuals’ needs and alerts our health coaches. The personal coach reaches out to their member through texting or calls, and they cater the curriculum to each individual based on these interactions.

Maximize your investment in obesity medications

If your employees are taking obesity or other medications, RestoreHealth coaches optimize the efforts. Coaches help members deal with unwanted symptoms, prepare them for their future off medication, and help build sustainable lifestyle changes that go along with it. A healthy foundation precedes a healthier future.

What this means for your business

Reduced Healthcare Costs

RestoreHealth saved a Fortune 100 Company $14 million in one year alone on preventing and managing Type II diabetes. With RestoreHealth, there is also significant cost savings in eliminating or reducing need for medications, reducing costs associated with chronic diseases, and decreasing future healthcare costs associated with ongoing issues.

Engaged Employees

On RestoreHealth, we engage your population through personalized contact, individualized care, and a custom program to address each person’s unique needs. Our proven strategy results in 80% engagement at month 12. Increased engagement leads to increased actions resulting in improved outcomes.

Long-Lasting Healthy Habits

Members on RestoreHealth build life-long habits. They do this by partnering with a health coach to find the root cause of they behaviors and health issues then address them in ways personalized to the individual member. Members keep their weight off years after they complete the program - leading to healthier individuals for life.

Improved biometrics is just the beginning

Whether your employees take weight loss medication and need accountability, need small improvements to their nutrition habits, or a full uplevel of their biometric results, RestoreHealth is here to help.

Save money, improve employee health, and make a life-long difference.

Two ways to address your population

Segment the most costly disorders

Segment your population to allow only the individuals with the most costly chronic diseases to sign up for the program. This risk-based pricing model targets individuals, allows you to determine eligibility, produces proven ROI, and provides metrics for evaluation.

Address your whole population

With this model, your entire population feels heard and seen. Everyone is eligible for RestoreHealth, while the program continues to cater to their individual needs. Capture employees with chronic diseases, who want to lose weight, or just get healthy in general.

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