HealthFleet Hub combines technology, experience and people.

With over 100 million data points and counting, HealthFleet understands what drives engagement, what hinders experiences, and what it takes to rapidly bring a program to market that members will use.

Health and wellness programs get to market quicker with HealthFleet Hub.

Programs face similar challenges: Is it better to buy or build a delivery platform? Can we provide a remote customer experience that allows for payer reimbursement? How quickly can we get our program to market?

Healthfleet Hub tackles all of these challenges directly. We have powered the delivery of structured DPP programs directed at pre-diabetics to unique and flexible weight loss programs for some of our largest enterprise customers. With behavioral science baked into the user experience, your program gets to market quicker with an exponential increase for success via our user engagement.

Build vs Buy

HealthFleet has developed a rich ecosystem of features that includes video, smart device integration, in-app community and broadcast capability.
In trying to build their own solution, our customers shared with us their common challenges:
They built something but were unhappy with the final result
App dev groups struggled to create a unified user experience (in-house or with external teams)
The cost and time estimated to build and iterate an in-house app became prohibitive, and not core to their business focus
Comparing the cost of doing it themselves versus launching on HealthFleet Hub, the choice was clear.

Our platform succeeds where others fail.

Proven Success

HealthFleet has delivered programs for Fortune 500 companies that include national health care payers, large health care providers, and US manufacturers with a global footprint. Our ability to deliver digital, compliance-based programs is rooted in years of experience and knowledge of how to gain and maintain user engagement.

Data Points

Additionally, with over 100 million behavioral data points, we know why users stop engaging programs and we help our customers overcome this problem. Solving this single challenge, especially for telehealth programs, is the difference between a program’s success and failure, and ability to capture share of wallet.

Coaching Dashboard

HealthFleet has also developed a coaching dashboard that provides insightful summaries and trends of user behavior. This allows coaches to effectively identify, intercede and redirect negative behaviors into positive learning experiences and outcomes. Coupling personal coaching with our platform’s intelligent alerting and timely content service, your program will be successful.

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