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Individualized wellness programs for lasting health changes leading to real ROI.

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Spend your wellness dollars on maximum impact

As obesity medications become more prevalant, mental health conditions and healthcare costs are on the rise, and there is an underserved population requiring support, you don’t need a band-aid, you need a cure. Hello, personalized one-on-one health coaching. Build the foundations of lifelong health, individualized for maximum impact.

"I want to avoid being put on medication for health issues I can improve through diet and exercise habits."

"I know it’s working because I lost 30 lbs in 3.5 months. My coach has tailored my lessons to just what I need." - Darin, RestoreHealth member

Your organization benefits from HealthFleet

With a human connection paired with behavioral and health content,
employees experience lasting health improvements leading to real ROI.


member engagement

HealthFleet programs see an average of 80% member engagement in month 12.


Physical Health improvement

89% of HealthFleet program members believe their physical health has improved.


Improvement in managing work stress

Members feel their ability to handle work-related stress has improved or remained constant compared to the industry average of this increasing.

Assess, address, add value. HealthFleet does it best.

Chosen over Noom, Omada, VidaHealth, Limeade, and more, HealthFleet rises above the market because of our belief in the quintessence of personal one-on-one connection of health coaching for lasting results. Our coaches assess each individual’s preferences, personalities, and goals, help members address their needs, and journey with them for to see it through.

We take on implementation. You sit back and watch.

Implementing a new corporate wellness program has never been easier. HealthFleet takes the burden off your team by addressing everything you need to get started and see value in our programs. Your Client Account Manager supports you every step of the way.

Maximize your investment in obesity medications

If your employees are taking obesity or other medications, HeathFleet coaches optimize the efforts. Coaches help members deal with unwanted symptoms, prepare them for their future off medication, and help build sustainable lifestyle changes that go along with it. A healthy foundation preceeds a healthier future.

Your personal bodyguard: private and secure

HealthFleet is committed to maintaining a robust, end-to-end information security program. We know our organizational responsibility is to meet HIPAA directives, protecting customer data. Proudly, this is HealthFleet Information Security team’s number one priority.

How we serve you

Employees access actionable health and wellness solutions that connect them with a personal human health coach, an online community of peers, and science-based curriculums delivered as digital programs. Choose one program for your organization, or bundle all three in The Restore Program Suite.

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For weight loss, obesity, diabetes, and overall health improvements.
For mental health and stress management
For menopause support