A coach-led
Behavioral Health
program for employee wellbeing

Delivered digitally for more resilient and productive employee.

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You work hard to get your employees the best care. We’ll take it from here.

RestoreResilience improves lives by addressing sleep, stress management, nutrition and exercise on a personalized level with a digital program and live health coach guiding the way.

Resilient employees lead to a stronger, more resilient business.

The need is great. The solution is greater.

With 50% of employees struggling with anxiety and depression, and 48% reporting high to extreme stress in the past year, a mental health solution is necessary. With RestoreResilience, members gain access to an individualized whole health approach, leading to lasting results.

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Meet live health coach

Get paired with a coach: Text or call them when in need of extra support.

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Get paired with a coach: Text or call them when in need of extra support.

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Coach customizes the curriculum based on needs, goals, & interactions.

Interact for results

Interact daily to build habits and maximize results.

Real, human problems need real, human intervention

If your employees could do it alone, they’d already be healthy. Coaches create deep relationships to ensure the program addresses the needs of each member at any time on their journey. They personalize the experience and interact with members in multiple ways to increase engagement and maximize impact.

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Small changes add up. Mentally and emotionally resilient individuals are more productive, find increased job satisfaction, make contributions to society, cope well with stressors, and experience improved quality of life.

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