A mental health curriculum for employee resilience.

Science-backed content, individualized support, accessible program.

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We’ll go to the moon and back for your employees.

With science-backed content on resilience, we explore the topics of self-awareness, mindfulness, self-care, community, purpose in addition to sleep, stress management, nutrition and exercise.

A unique curriculum for a unique workforce.

Members receive a curriculum catered to each individual. That means our program is right for your whole workforce. We go the extra mile by learning the needs at an individual level and providing the right content at the right time.

An extensive library, made for you.

RestoreResilience helps each member where they need it most.

Meet Alex

Alex’s poor sleep is affecting his energy at work. He’s learning about his Zzz’s and tracking them to see progress.

Meet Sam

Sam is stressing over wedding planning, and now she’s gaining weight. RestoreResilience is helping her get a handle on both.

Meet Liz

Liz wants to curb her stress eating. Her coach is helping her build better habits and get to the root cause of her actions.

Meet David

David has low self-esteem. He joined a RestoreTV webinar about building confidence. The custom digital workbook is so eyeopening.

Simplifying the journey for complex issues.

When it comes to mental and behavioral health, we take things seriously. Through our partnership with Mindwise Innovations, we are able to provide expert care for every employee.

• Expert-created behavioral and mental health content

• Early intervention, education, and crisis management

• Clinically validated screenings for early detection

• Connection to quality treatment

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