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RestoreHealth provides science-based insights into the underlying factors of obesity, weight gain, and chronic health issues. The curriculum addresses the intricacies of insulin resistance and covers essential topics such as sleep, stress management, nutrition, and exercise. On RestoreHealth’s comprehensive approach, members not only learn which behaviors are beneficial, but why they are effective.

Behavioral science paired with 1:1 coaching

There is a gap between the knowledge of what to do and figuring out how to do it; RestoreHealth bridges the gap. Our health coaching is built on evidence-based behavioral strategies including Motivational Interviewing, Appreciative Inquiry, and Self Determination Theory.

We use these strategies in the program structure and content, and coaches work with members to not only build healthy habits, but to foster self-coaching skills. The goal of RestoreHealth is to empower every member to learn to be their own best coach for life. Through years of research, case studies, and iterations of the program, we have perfected our strategy to empower individuals to master their health goals.

Lifestyle medicine through 4 main pillars of health


Sleep is the cornerstone of healthy habits. RestoreHealth coaches stress the need for 7+ hours of nightly sleep, highlighting its impact on mental, emotional, and physical well-being. The curriculum teaches good sleep hygiene with nightly routines and a calming environment. Members can connect their smart devices to easily monitor sleep. WHY: Sleep improves your cholesterol, reduces hunger, and improves stress resilience.

Stress Management

Coaches work with members to manage stress through building resilience and learning to re-frame negative thoughts. The RestoreHealth curriculum teaches members to build resilience through self-care, self-awareness, and mindfulness, so they can respond positively and confidently to challenges as they arise. WHY: Reduces stress lowers blood pressure, reduces cortisol, prevents stress-related food cravings, and improves energy.


Coaches, activities, and lessons promote balanced, nutritious eating patterns, emphasizing whole foods like vegetables, fruits, lean proteins, healthy fats, and fiber-rich carbs. RestoreHealth teaches mindful eating for lasting habits, offering picture meal logs, a custom nutrition guide, recipes, and restaurant guides. WHY: This leads to better insulin responses, and sensitivity, reduced dyslipidemia, lower blood sugar, and less fat accumulation.


Coaches encourage members to approach exercise mindfully, considering the many benefits of making it a regular habit while increasing overall movement during each day. The curriculum teaches members that exercise can positively impact metabolic health, immune function, mental health, and overall wellbeing. WHY: We optimize the time spent exercising to promote insulin sensitivity by customizing relative high-intensity workouts which are proven to improve blood chemistry and reduce fat.

Easy and consumable content

RestoreHealth boast 80% engagement at month 12 because our curriculum is consumable. With always-relevant content pushed by the coach, short and fun activities, video and text lessons, and an Explore section for discovery, members engage.

Extensive library for custom content

We don’t stop at the 4 pillars of health. With an extensive library that is constantly explanding, members remain engaged with new information to consume. RestoreHealth brings the latest science to lessons and content for utmost relevancy. Furthermore, if an organization has particular topics they want our coaches to cover, we can accommodate those requests.

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