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Kent - 56 Years Old
My doctor is impressed with my progress. I’ve improved my sleep, lowered my blood pressure level, and regained the ability to hike again!

Kent found the Restore program after completing a survey for pre-diabetes. He was motivated to make a change because he had noticed over the last few years that he was gaining weight, and his health was deteriorating. He had tried other wellbeing programs in the past, but they only worked for the short-term.

Kent always thought he ate healthily, but didn’t realize how much room for improvement he still had to make until he joined Restore. He found the nutrition guide easy to implement and now reads food labels, which he never did before. Kent now packs his lunch and eats breakfast every day. He believes the nutritional changes he has made are sustainable, and his family is making small changes too.

He has been on the Restore program for four months and has already lost 30 pounds. He met his first weight loss goal and is now working towards his second goal. “This is my lowest weight in over ten years!” He recently had a physical, after not seeing his doctor in 2 years, his physician was impressed with the changes he has made. Kent reports additional benefits have been an improvement in his sleep, lower blood pressure level, and the ability to hike once again comfortably.

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