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Zillion Donates 1,000 RestoreResilience Licenses to the VA, Veterans Health Administration (VHA)

Norwalk, CT – April 8, 2021 – Zillion, a leading health technology company, today announced it is donating 1,000 licenses for RestoreResilience to the VA, Veterans Health Administration (VHA) to help their caregivers better manage their mental and physical health and wellness.

Too often, caregivers are the last people to ask for help when they need it, especially when it comes to mental health. Zillion is providing its RestoreResilience program to the VHA to help break through this stigma, providing caregivers with a resource that builds mental and physical resiliency skills and facilitates positive lifestyle changes to help them feel better throughout the day, ultimately making it easier to do their jobs and better serve the veterans they work with. This is a pre-clinical program to help manage mental health, however Zillion also offers support and resources for users who need additional professional clinical treatment.

“We thank Zillion for their generosity in donating the licenses to their RestoreResilience app, which will be used by employees to connect to health and well-being coaches for personalized discussions and identify the self-care goals and plans that work for them. During this especially stressful time, we recognize that many employees may need more assistance in reflecting on their experiences and overcoming challenges.” said Dr. Kavitha Reddy, Associate Director for Employee Whole Health within VHA’s Office of Patient-Centered Care and Cultural Transformation.

RestoreResilience is a digital health program focused on helping members manage stress and anxiety, particularly during challenging times. The program focuses on teaching users how to develop positivity, remain present in their daily life, manage emotional or mindless eating, and more. Though RestoreResilience’s primary focus is alleviating stress and anxiety, it also assists in areas such as sleep, nutrition, and exercise to improve a person’s overall health and wellness.

Zillion’s donation to the VHA is the latest effort in a larger initiative to support caregivers across various sectors. It follows Zillion’s recent RestoreResilience donation to Boston Medical Center.

“Over the last year, no one has been hit harder with emotional and mental burnout than frontline healthcare workers. Zillion is committed to supporting those most impacted by Covid-19 and that includes connecting with as many frontline workers as possible to help them live healthier, happier lives,” said Cheryl Morrison Deutsch, President and CEO at Zillion. “Partnering with the VHA aligns perfectly with Zillion’s mission to offer better care to caregivers, especially in struggling communities. We’re extremely proud that the VHA recognizes the value RestoreResilience offers to help employees build mental and physical resilience and decided to accept this donation.”

RestoreResilience is rolling out to the largest VHA sites across the U.S. to support individuals on the frontlines caring for veterans. For more information on RestoreResilience and how it can help build mental and physical resilience during challenging times, visit Zillion’s website here.