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HealthFleet’s Chief Medical Officer Contributes to White House Conference on Hunger, Nutrition, and Health

NEEDHAM, Mass. — Dr. Cate Collings, MD, MS, FACC, Dip ABLM provided expertise, guidance and support to the Biden-Harris Administration’s White House Conference on Hunger, Nutrition, and Health last week. The conference was focused on developing a transformational vision for ending hunger and reducing diet-related disease by 2030, while at the same time improving access and affordability to eliminate disparities among impacted communities.

“The conference initiatives and commitments will accelerate a long-needed focus on food as medicine and mitigation of the ever-rising diet-related chronic disease that burdens individuals, families, and our country. HealthFleet and its programs are an important part of the solution,” said Dr. Collings. “HealthFleet meets people where they are at regardless of their economic circumstances, educational level, or cultural and food customs.”

One of the many objectives of the conference was to create priorities and private-public partnerships to help solve nutritional insecurity and diet-related diseases of American citizens. HealthFleet and its programs help employers and health systems who are tasked with addressing diet-related diseases and developing food as medicine priorities.

“We are encouraged by the breadth and depth of participation by a diverse group of stakeholders at the conference,” added Cheryl Morrison Deutsch, CEO of HealthFleet. “In particular we are proud that many HealthFleet customers and partners participated in the conversation and have outlined key priorities over the coming weeks and months to bring the vision to life.”

HealthFleet continues to engage with customers, stakeholders and partners to further support the improvement of diet-related chronic diseases as well as more broadly improving individual health outcomes. The organization continues to support efforts such as the White House National Strategy on Hunger, Nutrition, and Health.

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About HealthFleet:

HealthFleet is a leading health technology company, offering solutions that blend technology, people, and content to deliver impactful programs targeting the most pervasive chronic health conditions. We do so in two significant ways — our content-agnostic SaaS platform enables organizations to deliver their programs through a tailored technology and services solution, allowing them to reach their audience by increasing their digital footprint; and the Restore Product Suite, which includes personalized, actionable support for employees that address health issues before they escalate. We aim to help as many as possible by enabling others to help as many as possible.

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