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Zillion Partners with Dexcom to Integrate Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) Data with its RestoreHealth Program

Telehealth leader announces the use of innovative medical technology in combination with RestoreHealth, the company’s comprehensive metabolic disease support program, to improve health outcomes and reduce financial impact.


NEEDHAM, MASSACHUSETTS — Zillion announced today its partnership with Dexcom, the leader in real-time continuous glucose monitoring (CGM), to connect Dexcom CGM with Zillion’s platform for use with their RestoreHealth program. This partnership will continue to enhance the RestoreHealth offering to employer and health system patients.

“Type 2 Diabetes continues to be a growing health problem. At Zillion, our goal is to develop programs to improve individual health outcomes, as well as reduce medical expenses.” said Zillion President and CEO, Cheryl Morrison Deutsch. “We’re excited to partner with Dexcom to provide patients with the data they need to take control of their health and experience real improvements that help them live happier and healthier lives.” 

Statistics show that people with diabetes have two-to-three times higher medical expenses. Although they represent 10-15% of the total patient population, they represent 30-50% of total medical and pharmacy expenditures each year.

According to Dr. Cate Collings, Chief Medical Officer for Zillion, CGM represents a technological improvement that helps RestoreHealth members and coaches proactively manage real-time health data to allow for adjustments to the plan of care.

“We have seen metabolic disease factor reduction with RestoreHealth,” said Collings. “In some cases we have been able to successfully decrease disease incidence. We expect to see significant enhancement to these results with this partnership.”    

Today, thousands of members across multiple programs powered by Zillion are experiencing healthier lives. Zillion has delivered programs for Fortune 500 companies that include national health care payers, large health care providers, and US enterprises with a global footprint.


About Zillion:

Zillion is a leading health technology company, offering solutions that blend technology, people, and content to deliver impactful programs targeting the most pervasive chronic health conditions. We do so in two significant ways — Zillion Platform, a content-agnostic platform that enables organizations to deliver their programs through a tailored technology and services solution, allowing them to reach their audience by increasing their digital footprint; and the Restore Product Suite, which includes personalized, actionable support for employees that address health issues before they escalate. We aim to help as many as possible by enabling others to help as many as possible.

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