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Zillion Announces Rebranding, Changes Name To HealthFleet

NEEDHAM, MASSACHUSETTS — Zillion today unveiled a new identity, including a new name and logo, as part of an extensive rebranding initiative. Starting today, the company has officially rebranded to HealthFleet Inc, to better reflect what they do: offer a fleet of products and technologies that support individuals in achieving their health goals. Currently, the company offers a family of coach-led health and wellbeing products offered as a single solution to whole health, as well as SaaS technology that supports the digitalization of wellness programs by other organizations with the common goal of promoting health.

“During our Zillion years, our focus was to build and improve our technology to ensure it is engaging and truly supportive to the audiences we serve. As HealthFleet, we’re returning to our roots and continuing to focus on our customers’ needs as well as our end users’, says Cheryl Morrison Deutsch, CEO of HealthFleet. The timing of this new brand aligns with the significant patient-centric transformation happening within the healthcare industry.

The new brand identity embodies a renewed sense of purpose and is rooted in the company’s heritage — to help people live happier, healthier lives for themselves, their families, and their communities. “With a clear goal of helping patients, we’re constantly innovating solutions for the management of health conditions which can be added to our fleet of technology products. With HealthFleet, we’re looking to create a patient journey that is not just about physical or mental health, but about whole-person health. We’re also enhancing our technology and products to meet a complete journey that helps people manage not just one condition, but various conditions throughout their lives,” Cheryl adds.

This rebrand marks a major milestone as the company continues to serve its patients with a personalized approach to healthcare that encompasses a patient’s journey from diagnosis to management. Their new branding, driven by their mission to develop technology-based solutions for common problems in the healthcare industry, rolls out today.

The improved branding will provide a better understanding of the company’s mission, with enhanced customer experiences, valuable resources, and solutions for patients and providers. “HealthFleet helps us define ourselves better, which will ultimately help us become a bigger, well-recognized player in the market. It helps clarify our mission with a clear message: We’re here to help. And we’re here to stay,” Cheryl concludes.

About HealthFleet:

HealthFleet is a leading health technology company, offering solutions that blend technology, people, and content to deliver impactful programs targeting the most pervasive chronic health conditions. We do so in two significant ways — our content-agnostic SaaS platform enables organizations to deliver their programs through a tailored technology and services solution, allowing them to reach their audience by increasing their digital footprint; and the Restore Product Suite, which includes personalized, actionable support for employees that address health issues before they escalate. We aim to help as many as possible by enabling others to help as many as possible.

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