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Inside Digital Health – Digital Health News: “How Digital Health Platforms Can Open a Whole New World of Data”

The healthcare industry is continuing to become more digitized. And the impact of digital health and telehealth platforms has been tremendous lately, with new mobile health apps that help picky eaters and virtual realityacting as an immersive experience for users to improve patient experience.

These platforms have also been beneficial for patients dealing with chronic conditions. Just this week, a study revealed that patients are using Pinterest, a social media platform, to share coping mechanisms and offer support.

At HIMSS, Brent Wilkinson, CEO of Zillion, a behavior architecture solutions company, told Inside Digital Health™ that he is not surprised by the rapid growth of the digital health industry.

Wilkinson also said that the amount of digital data that are going to be collected in the next two years is more than all of the digital data that have been collected in the history of mankind.

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