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New Study Reports Combining Livongo with Restore Lifestyle Coaching Helps People with Diabetes Improve Their Health

BOSTON, MA, October 9, 2018 — A study published in the Journal of Diabetes Research shows that Livongo for Diabetes Program™ significantly improves the health of people with type 2 diabetes and combining the Livongo for Diabetes Program with lifestyle coaching regimens provided by Restore Health empowers individuals to lose weight and further improve their blood glucose.

Livongo Health, Inc., a leading chronic-condition management company, conducted the study to examine if lifestyle coaching could help people with type 2 diabetes who had hit a plateau in their health goals. Study participants had been enrolled in the Livongo for Diabetes Program, which includes consumer health technology, personalized recommendations, and real-time support, between 12 – 34 weeks prior to the study start date and had already improved their blood glucose control through Livongo’s program with a decrease in mean estimated HbA1C (eA1C) from 8.5% to 7.5% (p=0.01).

Researchers then randomized study participants into one of three groups: Livongo for Diabetes Program plus a connected scale (n=115), Livongo for Diabetes Program plus a connected scale and 12 weeks of lightweight lifestyle coaching (n=73), or Livongo for Diabetes Program plus a connected scale and 12 weeks of intensive lifestyle coaching (n=67). A control group (n=75) without any further intervention also was followed. All lifestyle coaching included guidance in the areas of nutrition, exercise, sleep, and stress. The primary study outcome was glucose control as measured by estimated A1C. Other outcomes assessed included weight, mean blood glucose and cost-effectiveness of the interventions.

The group receiving the most intensive coaching (average of 4 coaching interactions per week) experienced the greatest weight loss over the 12-week intervention period (mean weight loss of 9.7 lbs and further reduction of mean eA1C by 0.7%). Lightweight coaching (average of 0.8 coaching interactions per week) also had a clinical impact (mean weight loss of 4.1lbs. and mean eA1C reduction of 0.4%). Blood glucose improvement was most pronounced in study participants with higher mean blood glucose levels at the start of the intervention (177 ± 52 mg/dL at start versus 139 ± 26 mg/dL at end, p=0.001).

“Of significant interest was the impact coaching had on the study participants,” said Cheryl Morrison-Deutsch, Chief Experience Officer at Zillion, the owner of the Restore Health program. “Results from the study highlight the effectiveness of personalization in diabetes management and how adding intensive lifestyle coaching to Livongo can be helpful for certain populations. This suggests that despite a potential plateau in efficacy, getting additional personalized lifestyle intervention can assist in lowering both A1C and weight for those that have access to a coach.”

The findings of this study support the outcomes achieved by Restore to date, with employer clients showcasing the importance of personalized behavior architecture to foster an environment of authentic support and accountability. The Restore program provides relevant education and nudges in a member-preferred communication structure that takes into account preferences, habits and data from connected devices.
To learn more about Zillion behavior architecture and to speak with a Zillion representative about the technology, the Restore Program or any of our clinical programs, please visit us at or call 855.475.5123.

About Zillion
Zillion is the leading behavior architecture solutions company in the United States. Zillion’s technology emphasizes architecting individual choices providing the right nudge at the right time to assist individuals in forming a new behavior scaffolding. Founded in 2014, Zillion has collected over 100 million data points from over 500,000 users to power the identification of choice patterns that influence and manage high-risk factors for better outcomes, higher quality of care and lower costs leading to a powerful consumer experience fueled by technology and integrated with human care teams. Zillion’s products include programs such as Restore and clinical care team technology to address care issues like re-admission reduction, chronic disease management and more.

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