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Zillion successfully completes integration of Restore Health acquisition and officially launches joint companies as Zillion, a behavior architecture company.

BOSTON, MA, June 19, 2018—Today Zillion, a behavior architecture company, announced that it has finalized the integration of Restore Health within the Zillion brand family.  Restore, a leading multi-chronic condition behavior change program, was acquired by Zillion in October 2016. After carefully integrating the technologies, behavior architecture and clinical care team tools, the combined company will go forward as Zillion.    

Zillion exists to empower people in evolving behavior to a desired state through architecting human choice with support from digital and relevant human interaction.  By examining how to best influence behaviors for long lasting results and achieve tangible impacts on health, Zillion is able to assist individuals and caregivers in carefully architecting behavior one choice at a time.  

“Having the luxury of 18 months to thoughtfully integrate the companies has been paramount to the continued success of our programs, members and clients,” said Brent Wilkinson, Chief Executive Officer.  “During this time our technologists have been able to harness the combined power of over 100 million data points and 500,000 users to create an integrated technology solution. This has allowed us to release Zillion 3.0 powered by the Zillion Cube, a proprietary precision health tool that uses predictive and streaming analytics to ensure that each member receives personalized choice plans driving our unprecedented program outcomes.”   

The launch of this combined brand is part of Zillion’s ongoing commitment to provide employers, providers, health systems and payors the technology, data insights and human expertise to arm people with the information they need to support personalized choices and health behaviors.    

To learn more about Zillion behavior architecture and speak with a Zillion representative about how the technology, the Restore Program or any of our clinical programs please visit us at or call 855.475.5123.

About Zillion

Zillion is the leading behavior architecture solutions company in the United States.  Zillion’s technology emphasizes architecting individual choices providing the right nudge at the right time to assist individuals in forming a new behavior scaffolding.   Founded in 2014, Zillion has collected over 100 million data points from over 500,000 users to power the identification of choice patterns that influence and manage high-risk factors for better outcomes, higher quality of care and lower costs leading to a powerful consumer experience fueled by technology and integrated with human care teams. Zillion’s products include programs such as Restore and clinical care team technology to address care issues like re-admission reduction, chronic disease management and more.