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Zillion® Nabs $28M to Expand Digital Patient Engagement Platform

Zillion®, a Norwalk, CT-based digital health company has raised $28 million in Series C funding led by TwinFocus Capital Partners to expand its cloud-based digital patient engagement platform. Turning content, people-based services and programs into scalable digital products, Zillion enables companies to realize the true potential of mobile engagement and empower consumers to take control of their health.

Zillion’s platform features face-to-face live video conferencing – including one-to-one, group and webcast scheduled or on-demand – coupled with dynamic content delivery.  Additional platform capabilities include interactive messaging, curriculum scheduling, alerts and reminders, digital workforce management and data analytics and goal tracking.

“Engagement is the most over-used and under-delivered word in healthcare. Despite widespread interest in digital health programs, telephonic outreach is still the norm – resulting in vast inefficiencies across the continuum of care. Zillion’s solution is all about providing a better way of communicating live and a more efficient vehicle to increase engagement, create social networks and virtualize content to deliver optimal patient care and achieve desired outcomes,” said Jim Boyle, Chairman and CEO of Zillion in a statement. “This investment underscores TwinFocus’s confidence in our company, our mission and our technology platform. We look forward to expanding into additional healthcare applications and driving innovation in online patient engagement to reduce costs in the healthcare system and improve outcomes.”

Recent Partnerships with UnitedHealth Group & Apollo Endosurgery

The company also recently partnered with UnitedHealth Group in their major digital health initiative to help their subscribers actively combat the rise of type 2 diabetes. Through the partnership, Zillion is helping UnitedHealth Group power their successful ‘Real Appeal’ weight-loss program through developing a customized mobile engagement platform for United’s customers (with features including face-to-face live video conferencing, interactive messaging, curriculum scheduling, alerts and reminders, digital workforce management and data analytics and goal tracking). This digital engagement platform was made available to more than one-million of United’s subscribers during the last half of 2015, with an additional half-million participants committed for the first half of this year.

Additionally, Zillion has partnered with endoscopic surgical product provider Apollo Endosurgery, Inc. to power their ORBERA Coach program. the on-demand telehealth program provides virtual aftercare support tailored to meet the needs of patients who undergo the FDA-approved ORBERA Gastric Balloon procedure. Zillion’s platform gives patients access to an individually tailored, 12-month support program designed to help the patient develop sustainable, healthy habits that will help keep weight off over time.