The HealthFleet™ OS Platform.

Redefining what's possible

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Standard or Custom App Libraries — Only what you need, all in one place.

HealthFleet™ OS, the open platform that's breaking through the barriers of when, where and how.

Now you can integrate, coordinate, and deliver a personalized chronic-care experience — outside your four walls — any way you choose.

Unlimited Potential

Discover new ways to embed your treatment plan directly into your patients' daily lives via web, tablet and mobile.

Robust Capabilities

Quickly design, deploy and sustain effective off-site engagement—integrating multi-media, data, monitoring and interactive tools.

Intelligent Design

Rely on a secure single platform with open APIs to connect your content, patients and payer/provider networks in ways that are flexible, scalable and easy to use.

The technology you need to effectively engage patients is here - it's proven, tested, truly scalable and the choice of market leaders.

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Unlimited Potential

Healthcare providers know exactly what it takes to manage at-risk patients and chronic conditions: a greater level of interaction, coordination and engagement than today's fragmented solutions provide.

The HealthFleet™ OS Platform delivers all of these and more in one place.

Build, design and deploy customized out-of-office patient experiences

Utilize programs, tools and curricula. Coordinate ongoing engagement across care providers and conditions. Establish rules-driven best practices to streamline information to users.

Extend beyond your four walls

Embed your care experience online and on tablets and smart phones. Provide live coaching from and to anywhere at any time. And deliver a branded experience that grows and scales to meet the evolving needs of your patients.

Tailor programs to individuals

Target your care coaching, services and curricula. Monitor, adjust and escalate based on individual patient needs. Use relevancy to drive adherence.

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You can leverage the HealthFleet™ OS platform quickly. Licensing fees are linked to usage - eliminating up-front development costs.

Engage for Better Outcomes with HealthFleet™


Expand your influence, and improve outcomes, with cost-effective patient interactions every day.


Prevent the preventable and manage the manageable by helping your members adhere to best practices.

Patients & Members

Gain continuous support, education, guidance and reinforcement for better health.



Now it's easy to integrate and coordinate content, curricula, data and tools across providers, patients and conditions.

Multi-media content delivery
  • Remote, live coaching in a 1-to-1 or 1-to-group format.
  • Integrated deployment of videos, articles and other content you develop or acquire.
  • Extend care programs beyond four walls, improve clinician productivity.
  • Multi-language, multi-cultural support.
Sustainable interaction
  • Face-to-face connections with patients.
  • Scheduling and reminders for medication, in-office, online appointments and more.
  • Coordinated onboarding, registration and program billing.
  • Bridge in-office visits with online engagement.
Tailor programs to individuals
  • Ingest, integrate and analyze data from medical records and monitoring devices.
  • Group and manage condition-based cohorts of patients with one or more chronic conditions.
  • Track patient data and interactions on individual cases and group basis.
  • Escalate as-needed based on patient behaviors and pre-defined business rules.

Implementing HealthFleet™ OS is easy. You'll gain access to the fully featured platform you need to optimize out-of-office engagement — without a massive investment in technology or personnel.

Easy to

Deploy, Monitor & Manage

Intelligent design: Introducing HealthFleet ™ OS

Finally there is a single, robust, clinically driven platform for continuous care outside facilities

Open APIs: Easy to create applications and assemble and integrate content and data from multiple sources.
Cloud-based or On-premise: No costly outlay to build, buy or maintain.
Multi-tenant: Designed to create your own individualized online patient experience.
Configurable: Define and manage your own rules of patient engagement.
Modular/scalable/flexible: Simple to accommodate new programs, patients and content.
HIPAA compliant: Exceeds all regulatory standards.
Data Analytics: Measure your app's performance against your organizations' goals.
Payments Processing: PCI compliant.

Engage for Better Outcomes with HealthFleet™

Platform Design

An ecosystem for integrated care delivery


Deployment options to fit your needs

User Experiences

Interfaces designed for efficiency and engagement

Professional Services

The support you need along the way

Open API Interfaces
Onboarding, Registration and Program Billing
Unique Registrant Codes by Eligibility, Credit Card Payment and Payer Submission
Curriculum Scheduling: Live Video Coaching, Recorded Video and Documents
Admin Wizards for Curriculum Management, Calendar Sync., HD Video, Asset Management
Content Push and Interactive Messaging
Asset Scheduling and Delivery, In-App Secure Messaging, eMail and Text Alerts
Alerts & Reminders
Preset/Automated and User Configurable
Data Analytics & Goal Tracking
Metrics on Program and App Performance
Data Ingestion- Medical Devices
Screening Devices, Digital Scales, and Popular Monitoring Devices and Trackers

Professional Services to Ensure a Quick, Secure Implementation.

HealthFleet™ OS Platform Configurations

Cloud or On Premise

  • Cloud
  • Private Cloud
  • Intranet
  • Desktop

Choose from three options to deliver the experience that is best for your business and your patients

Custom Configuration:

A fully customized solution based on your proprietary content and protocols for engagement, fully branded according to your specifications, and delivered through your website URL.

Turnkey Applications:

A plug-and-play Content Management Solution, fully branded and accessed from your website, that lets you customize and augment your programs with tools and content from HealthFleet's Experience Manager™ applications.

Functional Widgets:

Specific widget functionality embedded within your website. Widgets are fully configurable and scalable. Your site visitors remain on your site while using the solution with targeted HealthFleet™ OS features.

About us



"As a nation, 75% of our health care dollars goes to treatment of chronic diseases. These persistent conditions—the nation's leading causes of death and disability-leave in their wake deaths that could have been prevented, lifelong disability, compromised quality of life, and burgeoning health care costs." - (CDC)

Founded in 2010, HealthFleet™ is a cloud computing company dedicated to the design and delivery of healthcare applications, services and facilitating technologies.

Our flagship solution, HealthFleet™ OS, is an open platform, specifically crafted to bridge the technology gap between healthcare payers, providers, and patients to lessen the collective burden of chronic care.

Our customers are large and midsized health insurers and providers. Our partners are leaders in healthcare technology, content development and distribution. And our team is comprised of thought leaders and technologists, all of whom share the common goal of empowering individualized, interactive engagement among payers, providers, and patients for more effective ongoing care.

The right technology can make the difference.